Odravein clone

I recently brewed my very first barleywine, a clone of Põhjala’s Odravein. Truth be told, it’s not actually a clone attempt. I forgot to order Cara pale malt, so I had to leave that out. I used Northern Brewer and Perle hops, instead of Magnum, Cascade and Goldings. In addition, I made an executive brew […]

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Summer of ’19

It’s been 50 years since the summer of ’69. Boy does time fly. Looking back, those might have been the best days of my life. Ok, that’s not entirely true. I wasn’t born until ’77, but Bryan Adams sure had the time of his life that summer. For sure. A lot happened to Bryan that […]

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Brewery Update

It’s been a year and a half since my first post. There I wrote about my plan to retire from my day job and opening a brewery when I turn 55. Now I am thinking perhaps already at 50, which would be 9 years from now. It’s not that I’ve started to dislike my job per se. I suppose […]

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Bonden Behövs, Farmhouse Ale

One of the few beers I’ve tried to clone is Brooklyn Brewery’s Sorachi Ace. And by clone I mean brew something similar, as I’ve never followed the exact recipe given by Brooklyn Brewery’s Brewmaster Garrett Oliver. My goal has been more to achieve the same yeast/fermentation character than to actually clone the beer. The main […]

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Menage a Brux Trois (Brett IPA)

A friend is coming over October 6th to watch Conor McGregor vs Khabib Nurmagomedov (UFC 229). The main cards of UFC pay per views usually start at 5am on Sunday mornings (Finnish time) and the main event somewhere around 7am. As you can imagine, whenever you watch these events live in Finland, there is alcohol involved. […]

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Winter is coming!

It’s been about a year since I brewed my previous stout, and winter is only a couple months away, so the time was right for giving stouts another go. I’ve probably brewed somewhere around ten stouts in total, but ended up dumping all but one batch down the drain. All of them have been harsh and thin. I’ve tried top mashing, adding chalk, […]

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