Brewing Excel

I have never really been that much into cloning commercial beers, or following any recipe for that matter. I did my first clone attempt last month, and even then I tweaked the recipe of Brooklyn Brewery’s Sorachi Ace, published in BYO magazine, a little bit during the brew day. I did not intent to, but […]

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Is Alko Bootlegging?

I recently noticed that Alko, the government owned retailing monopoly of alcoholic beverages of over 4.7% ABV in Finland, is carrying Westvleteren XII. This is great news! Most beer enthusiasts know how difficult it is to get hold of “Westy 12”, the beer that is by many considered to be the best in the world. […]

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Covhefe Hefeweizen

One advice I would give a new home brewer is to start with a simple recipe of a beer style you like, and to re-brew that making only one or max two adjustments at time, until you are happy with the end result. Only that way do you learn how different ingredients or processes affect […]

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First Post

This blog will be about my journey from home brewer to professional brewer. It’s going to be a long one. Plans can of course change but my current plan is to retire from my day job and open up a brewery when I turn 55.  I’ll be 40 in November… Why wait, you may ask? Well, six […]

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